Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Gunther Arrowheads Feature Deep Base Notches Which Create Wickedly Effective Barbs

In order to make the deep notches extending up from the base of the Gunther point, these arrowheads were made fairly wide compared to their length.

This leaves enough stone to allow for the high stress pressure work of creating the deep notches and attempts to give the resulting barbs enough strength to serve the purposes for which they were made.

Many were used along the Columbia, Willamette, Rogue and other rivers of the Northwest, to hunt water fowl or even to harpoon large fish, and others were used to take deer, elk, and other land game animals throughout the region.

The small, serrated Wintu point style from California is very similar to the serrated Gunther points from the Mount Shasta area. The primary difference between the two types is in the base notching, which is more angled in from the corner in the Wintu point, creating a triangular shaped tang for that style of arrowhead.

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